Carnosine 500mg 90vc

  Helps support age-related cognitive function  
  Helps improve athletic recovery and performance 
  Fundamental support for healthy brain function   Protects cells and enzymes against damage 
  Promotes cell-level stress tolerance 
  Helps neutralise free radicals of oxygen and nitrogen and can sequester or chelate potentially toxic metal atoms 


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Best Carnosine supplies 500 mg of carnosine (L-carnosine), a versatile nutrient for supporting health from the level of individual cells up to the body as a whole. Carnosine is a dipeptide, two amino acids bonded together, (beta-alanine bonded with L-histidine) that occurs naturally. It is highly concentrated in the brain and muscles, and has a uniquely broad range of protective properties. It helps neutralize free radicals of oxygen and nitrogen, can sequester (”chelate”) potentially toxic metal atoms, and is a key metabolic buffer within cells. This versatile nutrient is linked to stress adaptation and healthy brain ageing.


  • Helps support age-related cognitive function
  • Helps improve athletic recovery and performance
  • Fundamental support for healthy brain function
  • Protects cells and enzymes against damage
  • Promotes cell-level stress tolerance
  • Helps neutralise free radicals of oxygen and nitrogen and can sequester or chelate potentially toxic metal atoms

Support for healthy brain function
Randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled trials have shown Carnosine can support healthy cognition. 

Helps protect cells and enzymes against damage

Helps promote cell-level stress tolerance
Carnosine protects cells in several ways, as suggested by numerous studies. It is a key buffer against acid produced during metabolism, helping to ensure a healthy acid-alkaline balance within the cell environment. It has been shown to sequester, or “chelate” potentially toxic metal atoms. Furthermore, carnosine is known to have the ability to neutralize “free radicals” and thereby protect cells from reactive oxygen radicals., It also helps protect against protein damage by methylglyoxal, a byproduct of energy generation.

Carnosine has also been shown to inhibit the production of compounds called AGEs, or “advanced glycation end-products”. AGEs are compounds that are formed when proteins become oxidized by sugars, hence “glycated”. The presence and accumulation of AGEs is known to impact protein structure and function, both within and outside the cells. AGEs may contribute to accelerated aging. Carnitine may even support repair of damaged proteins. This array of versatile actions suggest carnosine helps support healthy ageing.



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