Nattokinase 2000FUs 90vc

  Supports circulatory health  
  Helps increase nutrient supply 
  Helps improve oxygen flow to the body’s tissues 


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Nattokinase is an enzyme derived from the ‘natto bean’ a traditional fermented soy food in Japan. It has been valued as a folk remedy in Japan for over 1000 years. During the natto production process, B. subtilis natto, a friendly bacteria, ferments boiled soybeans, releasing nattokinase. Doctor's Best Nattokinase contains pure nattokinase enzyme with all Vitamin K removed. Nattokinase helps maintain healthy circulation and essential for supporting the cardiovascular system.


  • Supports healthy circulation and helps decrease blood clots
  • Contains nattokinase a fibrinolytic enzyme which has the ability to break down fibrin, a blood clotting protein
  • Helps thin the blood and improve blood flow
  • Helps improve oxygen flow to the body’s tissues
  • Helps increase nutrient supply
  • Promotes all round health for heart, brain and muscles
  • May assist with cardiovascular disease, poor circulation, fibromyalgia, poor memory
  • Provides therapeutic levels of active enzyme

Support for circulation and cardiovascular disease
Studies have shown that nattokinase is the ingredient contained in natto that imparts the circulation-enhancing effect. Nattokinase helps the body keep blood flowing in a healthy way, promoting all round health for the heart, brain and muscles, by increasing circulation and therefore much needed oxygen to all organs. Doctor’s Best Nattokinase has had the vitamin K removed since Vitamin K assists with blood coagulation.


Caution: Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing, are allergic to soy, or if you have a blood coagulation disorder. If you are taking an anticoagulant (blood-thinning medication) or vitamin K, consult a physician before taking this product.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Is Doctor;s Best Nattokinase non-GMO?
Yes, it is non-GMO.

How are Nattokinase enzymes measured?
Enzymes are not measured in milligrams, but rather in ‘active’ units. A 1000mg capsule with low enzymatic activity would be worthless. Doctor’s Best Nattokinase veggie capsule contains 2000 FU (fibrinolytic activity)per capsule. This is a very high amount of activity.

How should I take Doctor's Best Nattokinase?
The best way to take Nattokinase is on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and just before bedtime (if your stomach has no food in it). The reason why we don't want your stomach to have food in it is because it would activate the Nattokinase. It is an enzyme so if it meets food it will activate and digest the food. What we want it to do is to activate in the lower intestine where it gets taken up into the blood stream and it is there where we want it to start digesting the 'dead proteins' to help with your circulation. Please take it with a room temperature glass of water not juice and never take it out of the capsule.

How is Nattokinase produced?
Natto is produced by a fermentation process by adding the bacteria Bacillus subtilis to boiled soybeans. The resulting Nattokinase enzyme is produced when Bacillus subtilis acts on the soybeans. While other soy foods contain enzymes, it is only the natto preparation that contains the specific Nattokinase enzyme.

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