Flavonoid with Sytrinol® 150mg 60sg

  Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels  
  Helps support healthy lipids 
  Helps improve the LDL-HDL cholesterol ratio 


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Flavonoid with Sytrinol

Flavonoid with Sytrinol® is a patented formula that combines citrus flavonoids with palm-sourced tocotrienols to promote potent antioxidant effects. The polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) are a group of compounds that are derived from the peels of citrus fruits. PMFs are the predominant flavonoids found in Sytrinol®, the two most prevalent being tangeretin and nobiletin. These compounds, on their own or in combination with other nutrients, have the ability to affect the metabolism of lipids.

Tocotrienols, the second major component of Sytrinol®, are fat-soluble and naturally occurring “vitamers” of vitamin E (structurally similar to the tocopherols, but with more potent antioxidant power). They neutralize free radicals, thereby supporting maintenance of cardiovascular health.


  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Helps improve the LDL-HDL cholesterol ratio
  • Helps maintain triglyceride levels within normal range
  • Powerful antioxidant protection
  • Patented and clinically tested

Support for healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels
Polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) help modulate the production of lipids including cholesterol within the liver. Research has shown that tangeretin modulates the production of triglycerides at an enzymatic level. Nobiletin, a second major PMF present in Sytrinol®, exhibits free radical scavenging effects in the bloodstream.

A number of studies have highlighted the cardiovascular health benefits of tocotrienols. Animal studies have shown important serum lipid modulating functions of various tocotrienols. Additional in vitro and animal research has documented the far-reaching benefits of tocotrienols on a number of cardiovascular markers. More importantly, human trials with tocotrienols have also shown positive results. 

Tocotrienol-rich palm oil or rice bran oil were used in these studies, and both showed significant effects on blood lipid levels. The various mechanisms of action of tocotrienols make them an ideal choice for promoting heart health.

Sytrinol® combines the benefits of PMFs and tocotrienols in one convenient formula to promote cardiovascular health. Two initial small clinical trials and a double-blind study have shown that this combination supports maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels already in the normal range.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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