Vitamin D3


Vitamin D3 1000IU 180SG

  Supports healthy bone density and structure   
  Enhances and regulates immune function 
  Supports optimal cardiovascular function  


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Vitamin D3 1000IU

Vitamin D is a nutrient that is critical to many bodily functions. It is beneficial for supporting bone health, immune wellness, cardiovascular function and cellular metabolism. Vitamin D is essential for life; it regulates calcium homeostasis in the body, plays a role in most organs and systems of the body and acts as a ‘molecular switch’ by influencing the expression of multiple genes.

Studies have shown that Vitamin D levels are often low in the general population. Whilst some Vitamin D is obtained from the diet, the major source for replenishment is exposure of the skin to sunlight. However a number of factors may hinder this process, i.e. covering the skin with sunscreen, also sun exposure not possible all year round.


  • Supports healthy bone density and structure
  • Enhances and regulates immune function
  • Supports optimal cardiovascular function
  • May help to regulate blood pressure
  • Promotes healthy ageing by enhancing cellular function

Supports bone density and structure
Required for optimal calcium absorption

Regulates and enhances immune function
Important immunomodulatory effect 

Supports cardiovascular function
Heart cells express vitamin D receptors as do smooth muscle cells of blood vessels. Studies have shown that Vitamin D inhibited the release of a protein that could be detrimental to the function of these cells, thus displaying cardio protective properties. Studies have shown that individuals with the highest levels of vitamin D had superior cardiac function in relation to those with low vitamin D levels.

May help regulate blood pressure
Whilst the mechanism of vitamin D’s effect on blood pressure is unclear, it is known that it regulates calcium balance, supports endothelial function, and influences the sodium-potassium balance system in the kidneys. It is likely that vitamin D exerts its blood pressure regulatory effect in one or more of these ways.

Promotes healthy ageing
Vitamin D is a promoter of gene expression which affects numerous systems throughout the body. Research has shown that vitamin D is a regulator of cellular health and wellness. Vitamin D acting as a pro-hormone, promotes the ability of cells to maintain their normal life cycle.


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Why are we unable to obtain sufficient Vitamin D from sunlight?
A number of factors affect our ability to refresh our vitamin D supplies. Sun exposure is not always possible year-round. Direct sunlight exposure on skin is needed for production to occur. Covering the skin with clothing or sunscreen may impede this action. Individuals with darker skin require longer sun exposure.

Are we able to obtain vitamin D from our diet?
Yes, but few foods are naturally high in vitamin D - fish and seafood being the richest source. Studies have shown levels of vitamin D is often low in the general population.

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