• This product has great ingredients except for the natural flavors at the end, but overall great product. I enjoy mixing it in with my smoothies! - al244214
  • We LOVE this product. We mix it with apple juice, and it makes a terrific morning energizer drink. — tomml.
  • Convenient and beneficial providing key nutrients from an assortment vegetables. Herbs, enzymes and probiotics help with digestion and maintain a healthy immune system. I am rarely sick and when I do get sick it lasts 2-3 days max. Great product! — James S.
  • I find that if you mix the macro green and miracle red together the taste is better than drinking the two separately. My iron count was low and now my doctor said its going back up to where I no longer have to take supplemental iron pills. I also seem to have more energy in the morning after I drink both of these items I would highly recommend both the miracle reds and the macro greens — Newyorkqt.

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